Heart Attack and Its Management : A Book on Cardiac Emergency

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Around the world today, heart attack has crippled many individuals if not totally killing them. The number of casualties add up each year. It has been a silent killer and this ranks first among the causes of death in the United States.       Many have thought that by simply avoiding foods that may cause their blood pressure and cholesterol levels to rise, they are able to successfully prevent this dreaded disease. While it could help, there are a lot of things that you need to consider too. A better understanding of what heart attack is and how to properly manage it is what you need and this book will tell you the signs and symptoms for you to be aware of in the first place.   This disease is no joke fatal and utmost vigilance should be exercised on your part whether you are the patient yourself or a family of someone who has it. You should know as well that this is hereditary so you need to combat that gene.  This book will be your guide in your journey to preventing this from happening.   Never disregard minor cramps and chest pains. Check with your cardiologist and follow the advices contained in this book. After all, maintaining a happy and healthy heart makes the possibility of experiencing an attack way beyond possible.

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