A Life with Diabetes : A Book on Diabetes and Diabetes Management

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We are living in a fast changing world which introduces us to many instants, carbonated drinks, alcohol, and sugar-filled and carbohydrate-rich foods. As the world evolves, our lifestyle have evolved and we appreciate more of frappes and sweets having a daily dose of these so-called favorites especially in coffee shops. Excessively consuming all these have led many to suffer from one of the most dreaded diseases today – diabetes. A disease that is characterized with the rise in blood sugar and is associated with symptoms like hypoglycaemia, this, if left uncontrolled can cause you more complications. A diabetic person will find his or her wounds having difficulty in healing and blood does not clot easily too. If left untreated, these wounds can cause your limbs – a sad fact, isn’t it? This book will be your guide in managing your life and be aware of what this disease is, its symptoms and complications, and how to prevent having this disease in case you don’t have it yet. Included in this book is the so-called diabetic diet which is a meal plan for diabetics – what to consume, what to avoid, and what are the allowed servings to avoid a spike in your blood sugar level. Aside from that, know what exercises are ideal for you and have added tips on how to monitor your condition and take your medications on time. Not a patient? Read this book as you never know this will come in handy if a family or friend needs your advice or assistance.

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