HEALTHY SNACK Recipes : Delicious and Nutritious Snack Recipes

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Snacks are as vital as your meals so always make it part of your day. These are small amounts taken in between meals. That is, at least two. Snacking as usually skipped by many can fill in nutrient gaps. So whatever you missed on your previous meal, it can be substituted during snacks. It also gives you energy. Using your brain and other body parts throughout the day can be draining. As you work, you need to feed your brain too for it to function properly. But snacking does not mean grabbing a bag of chips or anything junk. You can have healthy choices as you read through this book. Not only that, the choices are healthy, nutritious, and delicious. Make it a habit to munch on these great selection of salads, seeds, yogurt, and a lot more. With this book, you’ll have great choices to pick from.

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