Raising Chickens : A Guide for Care, Feeding and Housing for Beginners

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Raising chickens for your own consumption? Why not? What about making it your source of extra income? Well, that is definitely a plus! For beginners, raising chickens can be quite challenging. From deciding which breed to purchase, for what purpose you are raising them: whether for the eggs or meat or could be both, the number of chickens to raise, to designing and construction of the chicken coop, feeding your chickens for their optimal health, and preparation for diseases, parasites and other issues that can cause their life which can lead to investment losses – everything will be tackled in this book. Make use of your backyard and raise your own food for yourself and the entire family. This book will serve as you complete guide in dealing with the how to’s of chicken raising every beginner should know. Take the leap and provide yourself with not just fulfillment but delicious and safe foods with no cancer-causing growth boosters.

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