Breakfast Recipes : 50 Easy and Tasty Breakfast Recipes

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Break that habit of skipping your first meal! Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day. As others put it, you may miss your snacks and other meals but never breakfast. For one, it fills your empty stomach from the long hours of being asleep. And if you are trying to lose some weight, skipping can lead to a slower metabolism making it more difficult for you to shed off your excess weight.   Considering that it is your first meal, having an empty stomach affects your brain. There is nothing to nourish it and aid in its proper functioning. Hence you feel lethargic especially when performing both mental physical activities. Poor performance is likewise expected of those who do not eat breakfast.   Given these facts, you have probably asked yourself what to prepare then. Get this book and you’ll never run out of healthy yet delicious recipes that are so easy to prepare. 

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