Obesity Alert : Cutting Down on Sweets and Calories, Exercising, and Minding Your Body

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Obesity should be everyone’s concern. It has been a growing problem worldwide and this does not only affect you in the a sense that you have to go through the pains of buying new clothes as the old ones have become tighter, having sagged skin and heavier build, and easily getting tired when performing physical activities. There’s more to these physical and emotional stress.   Although obesity has been named as a disease itself, having excessive weight can bring about health complications like heart ailments, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer to name a few. How do you avoid getting obese? This book will tell you what this condition is and its dangers including its causes. Be free from stress as you learn how to prepare yourself to shed off those excess weight, know what to consume by cutting down on sweets and calories, and sweat it all out.

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