Declutter Your Home, Declutter Your Life : A Practical Guide to Getting the Junk Out of Your Home

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Ever thought of organizing your home, surroundings, as well as your life? Learn the  art of decluttering to make things less complicated. Remove the mess out of your  living room, bedroom, desk, closets, and kitchen. Living in a clutter-free home can  give you not just a relaxing atmosphere and peace of mind but extra space which you  have never thought of having.  Having a busy schedule is not at all an excuse to move those junk out of your home.  Whether you are a working parent or one who juggles between school and work, this  book is certainly very useful in helping you decide where to start amidst all the  clutter. Learn not just how to do it step-by-step but also maintain it so you do not  have to do it all over again.        Embrace minimalism wholeheartedly and make it a habit to clean and organize your  house daily to avoid accumulating any mess. Prepare a planner and allot a short time  each day so you can remove stress in your life, clear your thoughts, learn how to  prioritize, shun from procrastinating. Be ready to make that big change in your surroundings and your life and bid adieu to  those bad habits for good.

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