The PERFECT Interview : The Ultimate Guide to Nailing That Top Job

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Going through any job interview process can be nerve wracking. You can sweat excessively, tremble, stammer while answering, or worse, go on a mental block. And when that happens, it could put an end on your chances of getting hired. You then bid adieu to your dream job. There are a lot of ways to ace your interview and leave the hiring manager in awe. Browsing through job posting sites, you then search for ideal jobs then dig more into each of their descriptions. This book is nothing but a reality checker. It tells you the phases for you to prepare well and be properly equipped before heading to the battle. Never forget to assess yourself in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Apply the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis here. Remember, you have to compete with a significant number of individuals who can be equally good as you. As first impression lasts, this book will teach you how to dress yourself appropriately to impress the interviewer. What questions will most likely be asked during your interview including queries that you may ask or seek clarification? What about questions regarding your experiences in the past, scholastic performance or it could be about anything under the sun? How do you make a follow-up after the interview? Learn all these and have an easy-breezy walk towards that dream job of yours!   

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