Saying 'NO' to Alcohol Forever : Stay Sober and Feel Great

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Do you find it hard to quit alcohol? Well, you are not alone on this dilemma. Alcoholism, just like smoking, is a form of addiction. No matter how much  knowledge you have about its ill effects on your health, still the reasons seem not  enough for you to quit. But then again, you need to put an end to this unhealthy habit  and this book will pave the way to the biggest change in your life forever. Think not just of yourself but your family as well who loves and needs you more than  anyone else. You have children who might follow your footsteps and worse, become  victims of uncontrollable behavior that can result from extreme alcohol intake. Not  t0 mention the troubles you can put yourself into in the club or bar over petty  arguments because you are not in your right state of mind. You will never know when  this could happen. Yes, violence can happen once you seem to be out of your mind.  What’s worst, a significant percentage of road mishaps are caused by drunk driving. Change your mindset and embrace soberness. Overcome your fears of rejection from  peers once you decide to quit. Know how to hasten the process of recovery and learn  skills on how to reject offers in a nice way. Stay away from temptation and be able to  manage the withdrawal symptoms well. Living a life in misery is a choice. Stay sober and feel great. And you can chance  everything my making that big decision now!

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