Summer Drink Recipes - Cool and Refreshing Summer Drink Recipes : Your Quick Guide on Easy and Delicious Coolers and Smoothie Recipes

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Summer is probably one of the best times of the year not to mention the activities you are able to perform outdoors. You always look forward to getting rid of your overly thick clothing. While you think of wearing your sunscreens and summer outfits, you too probably have thought of preparing your own refreshments. As you bathe in the sun, you need to hydrate yourself too! This book has all you need – from simple iced drinks to mouth-watering smoothies! Keep yourself cool and healthy at the same time. Not only adults can enjoy these drinks but kids as well. These are so easy to prepare. So whether you are on your garden, park, or enjoying the sea breeze, have a sip of your favorite drinks with a touch of effort on your end.

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