Making Short Films on Your Smartphone : .

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In this technological age, everything can be possible. Who would have thought that beyond texting and calling, which were the main features of mobile phones in the past, multimedia messaging service (mms), video conferencing, photo and video taking can be possible. And now each year, competing brands introduce new models with improved features – your smartphone now works like a mini computer and here’s more: it lets you create short films! If you are a newbie in the field of film making, then this book is for you. Be an amazing film maker in an instant. But first, you need to check whether your phone is indeed capable of creating a short film. Will its memory allow you to store such short video clips? Does it give you quality videos? Or, are the scenes blurry? Well, that matters most. You need to know that there are various apps that can aid you in fulfilling your dream. Know the best software for shooting and editing your film. What else? This book will also serve as your guide on the basics of film making: from idea generation to finding cast and crew members, shooting your footage, and editing all the clips to come up with the final output. Explore your creativity as this book will let your imagination wonder! Be the director, producer, actor you want yourself to be in an award-winning film.  

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