Loving Your Liver : Your Complete Guide to Prevent, Cure and Reverse Fatty Liver

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As the second largest organ in the body, it works in controlling your cholesterol levels, providing a defense against various illnesses and infections, eliminating toxins from the body, aiding in the thickening of the blood which is then the reason why your blood clots easily when you get a cut, and it is an important aid in digestion as bile, which is released by the liver helps in breaking down fats. With that being said, your liver is among the most important parts of the body just like your kidneys, heart and brain. If left uncared, bodily processes will be affected and worse, it can cause your life. Around the world today, millions of individuals are suffering from the chronic liver diseases which are more often than not unpredictable as early signs of complication are not obvious until serious damage has been caused. That is why, you need to work your way towards having a healthy liver with the help of this book. Know your liver’s functions and the proper ways on how to care for it and maintain its health and further prevent liver complications like the very common fatty liver. This book will be your combat aide. Be ready to restore your liver in no time.

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