Break that Habit : Replacing Bad Habits with Good Ones for an Improved and Harmonious Living

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Everyone have bad habits. It may not be necessarily that bad in a way that it could pose great dangers on other people around you causing them their lives but it can be something that can destroy you as a person. Why destroy? It is because these habits hamper you from being productive – from unleashing the potentials within yourself. You can appear quite sluggish despite having deadlines to beat at school, office, or in your very own home. You seem to have paper works that are untouched. You are fun of daydreaming. Certainly, you can have that ‘me time’ but having too much of it and spending half a day doing nothing can become a bad habit. And that is just one of the countless habits that can cause your precious time, relationships, and work. It can ruin your future in general should you continue such habits. Hence this book which will guide you in breaking those habits and tell you what to do instead so that at the end of day, you will feel contented, fulfilled and wave the flag of success.   

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