Developing A Nonprofit Business : Planning Fundable Programs and Services That Entice Grantors and Community Sponsors

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Looking at the world around you, have you thought of doing something good that would benefit the community, a certain class of underprivileged individuals, or take steps to protect the environment? Each of us have varying advocacies; so the list can go on. You have perhaps thought of making this noble cause into full blast by putting up a nonprofit business. But the problem is, you do not have enough background as to what this kind of corporation is. In short, you have the slightest background as to how to set this up and what are its corresponding tax implications. You feel horrified thinking of those seemingly complicated tax forms. This book will help you solve your dilemma. This will tell you what exactly a nonprofit business is along with its common types, the preliminary requirements and steps involved in setting up each particular type, formally setting it up, and the need for professional help in order to have your nonprofit business attractive to grantors and community sponsors.  

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