Business Networking : 31 Ways to Start Conversations and End Conversations to Make Sure You Gather Contact Info and Keep in Touch

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To many, business networking is a complicated matter and indeed a lot never had a luck in making a connection while others have made their way into starting it but failed to make a follow up or maintain the relationship. Mastering the art of business networking seem to be hard but once you are into it, all would surely run smoothly and you will soon realize that you have made a countless connections. This book will serve as your bible as this provides you 31 of the best ways to start conversations in order to get your potential contact’s information. While you can start saying your hello, ending it is also crucial so this book will tell you how to end it so that your contact would be happy to keep in touch with you.  Whether you are at an ordinary or business gathering, do not go empty handed. You are an entrepreneur and you need to scout for prospects who will soon be your partners, suppliers, or clients. And it does not stop there. They will soon bring in the people you need for your business through referrals. Enhance your connections as this book will motivate and transform you to be the networking magnet you want yourself to be. 

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